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Hulu Plus vs. Netflix

In a previous post, I discussed the pros and cons of utilizing On-Demand programming versus a DVR. This post will compare using Hulu Plus versus Netflix—all in efforts to alleviate the ever-annoying and paycheck consuming, dreaded cable bill.

Cable bills are again on the rise and it’s really starting to tick me off. I enjoy my Verizon Fios service but it’s still a luxury I may not be willing to pay for once I am living alone again. Currently, I have a roommate to split the bill with but once this arrangement changes, I’m not too sure I’m willing to shell out approximately $1,300 a year on cable television. With that said, I have recently looked into the differences between Hulu Plus and Netflix, both of which cost $7.99 per month, a HUGE savings from a typical cable bill which costs about $100 per month with internet.

My findings are strictly what I have researched, please feel free to interject any facts or aspects I am missing:

Hulu Plus

  • $7.99 per month; no contracts.
  • Has more television programming and diversity, lacking in movies but slowly growing its library.
  • Can stream using Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Roku, internet enabled blue ray players and televisions, mobile devices, a variety of media devices, and your computer. Click here to see a full list.
  • Only streams up to 720p HD.
  • Usually has entire television series’ in its library, opposed to a limited selection on standard Hulu. View the entire Hulu Plus collection here.
  • No additional subscriptions needed to use on multiple devices.
  • No cable box rental, taxes, HD charges, or price hikes.


  • $7.99 per month; no contracts.
  • Has a vast movie library, not as many television programs as compared to Hulu Plus. Click here to see their collection.
  • Can stream using Wii, Xbox, PlayStation 3, computer, Mac, tablets, smart phones, internet enabled blue ray players and televisions, and media devices. Click here to see a full list.
  •  No additional subscriptions needed to use on multiple devices.
  • Can still order DVDs through the mail. Blue ray discs cost an extra $2 per month.
  • No cable box rental, taxes, or HD charges. Netflix tried to raise subscription prices late last year but after a mass exit from many customers, they reinstated their original pricing.

Both Hulu Plus and Netflix offer a free trial period, Hulu Plus for 1 week and Netflix for one month.

After asking around to various experts on the subject, here’s what it came down to: Hulu Plus is for TV fans and movie buffs are better off with Netflix.

But one soar subject still clouds my decision to make the switch: YOU CANNOT WATCH SPORTS WITH ANY OF THESE OFFERINGS!

The mere thought of this send shivers down my spine. I cannot live without the ability to watch sports at my home, especially with the Olympics coming up! What in the world will I do come college football season!? Does anyone know if you can cancel your cable and enable it for a 5 month period with no penalty? I know I can go to my local bar and watch the game but then I’ll be spending money on a tremendous bar bill. Big decisions to make people…what do you think I should do?


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